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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

PakMusic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:sick: sick sick
:( frown frown
:'( cry cry
:rolleyes: roll eyes roll eyes
:zparty: party party
:eek: eek eek
:mad: mad mad
:cool: cool cool
:google: googlesign googlesign
:confused: confused confused
:yahoo: yahoo yahoo
:angel: angel angel
:p tounge tounge
:tup: thumbs up thumbs up
;) wink wink
:hug: hug hug
:tdown: thumbs down thumbs down
:D mrgreen mrgreen
:chess: chess chess
:toast: toastsign toastsign
:lol: lol lol
:rofl: rofl rofl
:disagree: disagree disagree
:) smile smile
:agree: agree agree
:oops: oops oops
:fishing: fishing fishing
:smoking: smoking smoking
Cricket Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:chakka: chakka chakka
:chokka: Chokka Chokka
PakMusic EXTRA Smilies PACK!
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:tatice_07: Tatice 07 Tatice 07
:viannen_56: Viannen 56 Viannen 56
:ph34r: Ph34r Ph34r
:read: Read Read
:suicide_fool-edit: Suicide Fool Edit Suicide Fool Edit
:Alvarin_32: Alvarin 32 Alvarin 32
:KidRock_02: KidRock 02 KidRock 02
:pooh_door: Pooh Door Pooh Door
:dance: Dance Dance
:Gigakach_01: Gigakach 01 Gigakach 01
:lex_06: Lex 06 Lex 06
:skull: Skull Skull
:girl_prepare_fish: Girl Prepare Fish Girl Prepare Fish
:happy_mini: Happy Mini Happy Mini
:nosok_02: Nosok 02 Nosok 02
:viannen_24: Viannen 24 Viannen 24
:nhl_checking: Nhl Checking Nhl Checking
:wink2: Wink2 Wink2
:dash3: Dash3 Dash3
:paladin: Paladin Paladin
:not_i: Not I Not I
:prankster2: Prankster2 Prankster2
:viannen_78: Viannen 78 Viannen 78
:kez_08: Kez 08 Kez 08
:padonak: Padonak Padonak
:blush: Blush Blush
:drag_08: Drag 08 Drag 08
:Koshechka_10: Koshechka 10 Koshechka 10
:vinsent: Vinsent Vinsent
:girl_dance: Girl Dance Girl Dance
:cray_mini: Cray Mini Cray Mini
:moinmoin_02: Moinmoin 02 Moinmoin 02
:viannen_13: Viannen 13 Viannen 13
:whistle2: Whistle2 Whistle2
:king: King King
:unknw_mini: Unknw Mini Unknw Mini
:Smayly_01: Smayly 01 Smayly 01
:viannen_45: Viannen 45 Viannen 45
:censored: Censored Censored
:hang1: Hang1 Hang1
:yoos_01: Yoos 01 Yoos 01
:viannen_67: Viannen 67 Viannen 67
:ignat_01: Ignat 01 Ignat 01
:ded_moroz: Ded Moroz Ded Moroz
:SHABLON_padonak_05: SHABLON Padonak 05 SHABLON Padonak 05
:acute: Acute Acute
:crigon_03: Crigon 03 Crigon 03
:kirtsun_04: Kirtsun 04 Kirtsun 04
:santa3: Santa3 Santa3
:english_en: English En English En
:aggressive_mini: Aggressive Mini Aggressive Mini
:marija_01: Marija 01 Marija 01
:viannen_02: Viannen 02 Viannen 02
:thank_you2: Thank You2 Thank You2
:give_rose: Give Rose Give Rose
:music_mini2: Music Mini2 Music Mini2
:Rulezzz_05: Rulezzz 05 Rulezzz 05
:viannen_34: Viannen 34 Viannen 34
:training1: Training1 Training1
:tatice_06: Tatice 06 Tatice 06
:viannen_55: Viannen 55 Viannen 55
:nyam: Nyam Nyam
:punish2: Punish2 Punish2
:suicide2: Suicide2 Suicide2
:Alvarin_31: Alvarin 31 Alvarin 31
:KidRock_01: KidRock 01 KidRock 01
:pooh_birth_day: Pooh Birth Day Pooh Birth Day
:curtsey: Curtsey Curtsey
:ghz_01: Ghz 01 Ghz 01
:lex_05: Lex 05 Lex 05
:fuck: Fuck Fuck
:girl_pinkglassesf: Girl Pinkglassesf Girl Pinkglassesf
:good_mini: Good Mini Good Mini
:nosok_01: Nosok 01 Nosok 01
:viannen_23: Viannen 23 Viannen 23
:nhl3: Nhl3 Nhl3
:wink: Wink Wink
:dash2: Dash2 Dash2
:orc: Orc Orc
:no2: No2 No2
:prankster: Prankster Prankster
:viannen_77: Viannen 77 Viannen 77
:kez_07: Kez 07 Kez 07
:new_russian: New Russian New Russian
:blum3: Blum3 Blum3
:drag_07: Drag 07 Drag 07
:Koshechka_09: Koshechka 09 Koshechka 09
:triniti: Triniti Triniti
:girl_cray3: Girl Cray3 Girl Cray3
:clapping_mini: Clapping Mini Clapping Mini
:moinmoin_01: Moinmoin 01 Moinmoin 01
:viannen_12: Viannen 12 Viannen 12
:whistle: Whistle Whistle
:ireful3: Ireful3 Ireful3
:smile_mini2: Smile Mini2 Smile Mini2
:sinus_01: Sinus 01 Sinus 01
:viannen_44: Viannen 44 Viannen 44
:blush2: Blush2 Blush2
:girl_wacko: Girl Wacko Girl Wacko
:xsunx_01: Xsunx 01 Xsunx 01
:viannen_66: Viannen 66 Viannen 66
:comando: Comando Comando
:SHABLON_padonak_04: SHABLON Padonak 04 SHABLON Padonak 04
:wacko2: Wacko2 Wacko2
:crigon_02: Crigon 02 Crigon 02
:kirtsun_03: Kirtsun 03 Kirtsun 03
:santa2: Santa2 Santa2
:drinks: Drinks Drinks
:lokomotiv: Lokomotiv Lokomotiv
:viannen_01: Viannen 01 Viannen 01
:thank_you: Thank You Thank You
:give_heart2: Give Heart2 Give Heart2
:music_mini: Music Mini Music Mini
:Rulezzz_04: Rulezzz 04 Rulezzz 04
:viannen_33: Viannen 33 Viannen 33
:spartak: Spartak Spartak
:tatice_05: Tatice 05 Tatice 05
:viannen_54: Viannen 54 Viannen 54
:nono: Nono Nono
:punish: Punish Punish
:suicide: Suicide Suicide
:Alvarin_07: Alvarin 07 Alvarin 07
:kez_17: Kez 17 Kez 17
:pooh: Pooh Pooh
:crazy: Crazy Crazy
:fiona_dog2: Fiona Dog2 Fiona Dog2
:lex_04: Lex 04 Lex 04
:flood: Flood Flood
:girl_mad: Girl Mad Girl Mad
:fool_mini2: Fool Mini2 Fool Mini2
:viannen_22: Viannen 22 Viannen 22
:nhl2: Nhl2 Nhl2
:whistle3: Whistle3 Whistle3
:dash1: Dash1 Dash1
:king2: King2 King2
:nea: Nea Nea
:pilot: Pilot Pilot
:viannen_76: Viannen 76 Viannen 76
:kez_06: Kez 06 Kez 06
:neo: Neo Neo
:blum: Blum Blum
:drag_06: Drag 06 Drag 06
:Koshechka_08: Koshechka 08 Koshechka 08
:to_keep_order: To Keep Order To Keep Order
:girl_cray2: Girl Cray2 Girl Cray2
:chok_mini: Chok Mini Chok Mini
:mixery_01: Mixery 01 Mixery 01
:viannen_11: Viannen 11 Viannen 11
:victory: Victory Victory
:ireful2: Ireful2 Ireful2
:smile_mini: Smile Mini Smile Mini
:sea_demon_02: Sea Demon 02 Sea Demon 02
:viannen_43: Viannen 43 Viannen 43
:girl_hospital: Girl Hospital Girl Hospital
:WhiteVoid_2: WhiteVoid 2 WhiteVoid 2
:viannen_65: Viannen 65 Viannen 65
:brunette: Brunette Brunette
:secret: Secret Secret
:wacko: Wacko Wacko
:crigon_01: Crigon 01 Crigon 01
:kirtsun_02full: Kirtsun 02full Kirtsun 02full
:santa: Santa Santa
:download: Download Download
:libelle_1: Libelle 1 Libelle 1
:to_babruysk: To Babruysk To Babruysk
:taunt: Taunt Taunt
:give_heart: Give Heart Give Heart
:mocking_mini: Mocking Mini Mocking Mini
:Rulezzz_03: Rulezzz 03 Rulezzz 03
:viannen_32: Viannen 32 Viannen 32
:shablon_04: Shablon 04 Shablon 04
:blum2: Blum2 Blum2
:tatice_04: Tatice 04 Tatice 04
:viannen_53: Viannen 53 Viannen 53
:no: No No
:popcorm2: Popcorm2 Popcorm2
:stinker: Stinker Stinker
:Alvarin_02: Alvarin 02 Alvarin 02
:kez_16: Kez 16 Kez 16
:pogranichnik: Pogranichnik Pogranichnik
:cray: Cray Cray
:fiona_01: Fiona 01 Fiona 01
:lex_03: Lex 03 Lex 03
:fie: Fie Fie
:girl_in_love: Girl In Love Girl In Love
:fool_mini: Fool Mini Fool Mini
:viannen_21: Viannen 21 Viannen 21
:nhl: Nhl Nhl
:lazy: Lazy Lazy
:crazy_pilot: Crazy Pilot Crazy Pilot
:jester: Jester Jester
:mosking: Mosking Mosking
:on_the_quiet2: On The Quiet2 On The Quiet2
:viannen_75: Viannen 75 Viannen 75
:kez_05: Kez 05 Kez 05
:music2: Music2 Music2
:big_boss: Big Boss Big Boss
:drag_05: Drag 05 Drag 05
:Koshechka_07: Koshechka 07 Koshechka 07
:tommy: Tommy Tommy
:girl_cray: Girl Cray Girl Cray
:bo_mini: Bo Mini Bo Mini
:mebiro_01: Mebiro 01 Mebiro 01
:viannen_10: Viannen 10 Viannen 10
:unsure: Unsure Unsure
:ireful1: Ireful1 Ireful1
:shout_mini: Shout Mini Shout Mini
:sea_demon_01: Sea Demon 01 Sea Demon 01
:viannen_42: Viannen 42 Viannen 42
:girl_crazy: Girl Crazy Girl Crazy
:WhiteVoid_1: WhiteVoid 1 WhiteVoid 1
:viannen_64: Viannen 64 Viannen 64
:blind: Blind Blind
:search: Search Search
:to_pick_ones_nose_e To Pick Ones Nose Eat To Pick Ones Nose Eat
:cosmomen_01: Cosmomen 01 Cosmomen 01
:kirtsun_02crop: Kirtsun 02crop Kirtsun 02crop
:russian: Russian Russian
:don-t_mention: Don T Mention Don T Mention
:lex_14: Lex 14 Lex 14
:tender: Tender Tender
:take_example: Take Example Take Example
:girl_witch: Girl Witch Girl Witch
:man_in_love_mini: Man In Love Mini Man In Love Mini
:Rulezzz_02: Rulezzz 02 Rulezzz 02
:viannen_31: Viannen 31 Viannen 31
:shablon_03: Shablon 03 Shablon 03
:black_eye: Black Eye Black Eye
:tatice_03: Tatice 03 Tatice 03
:viannen_52: Viannen 52 Viannen 52
:haha: Haha Haha
:popcorm1: Popcorm1 Popcorm1
:slow_en: Slow En Slow En
:Alex_03: Alex 03 Alex 03
:kez_15: Kez 15 Kez 15
:pioneer_smoke: Pioneer Smoke Pioneer Smoke
:clapping: Clapping Clapping
:exaide_2: Exaide 2 Exaide 2
:lex_02: Lex 02 Lex 02
:hi2: Hi Hi
:girl_impossible: Girl Impossible Girl Impossible
:drink_mini: Drink Mini Drink Mini
:viannen_20: Viannen 20 Viannen 20
:fan_1: Fan 1 Fan 1
:laugh4: Laugh4 Laugh4
:alcoholic: Alcoholic Alcoholic
:girl_werewolf: Girl Werewolf Girl Werewolf
:meeting: Meeting Meeting
:on_the_quiet: On The Quiet On The Quiet
:viannen_74: Viannen 74 Viannen 74
:kez_04: Kez 04 Kez 04
:music: Music Music
:biggrin: Biggrin Biggrin
:drag_04: Drag 04 Drag 04
:Koshechka_06: Koshechka 06 Koshechka 06
:superman2: Superman2 Superman2
:girl_blum: Girl Blum Girl Blum
:bomb_mini: Bomb Mini Bomb Mini
:Mauridia_07: Mauridia 07 Mauridia 07
:viannen_09: Viannen 09 Viannen 09
:umnik2: Umnik2 Umnik2
:i-m_so_happy: I M So Happy I M So Happy
:secret_mini: Secret Mini Secret Mini
:scooby_03: Scooby 03 Scooby 03
:viannen_41: Viannen 41 Viannen 41
:gamer4: Gamer4 Gamer4
:whatever_02: Whatever 02 Whatever 02
:viannen_63: Viannen 63 Viannen 63
:beta: Beta Beta
:scratch_one-s_head: Scratch One S Head Scratch One S Head
:to_pick_ones_nose3: To Pick Ones Nose3 To Pick Ones Nose3
:CKOMOPOX1976_01: CKOMOPOX1976 01 CKOMOPOX1976 01
:kirtsun_01: Kirtsun 01 Kirtsun 01
:rap: Rap Rap
:dirol: Dirol Dirol
:Hyron_05: Hyron 05 Hyron 05
:lex_13: Lex 13 Lex 13
:spruce_up: Spruce Up Spruce Up
:swoon2: Swoon2 Swoon2
:girl_wink: Girl Wink Girl Wink
:mad_mini: Mad Mini Mad Mini
:Rulezzz_01: Rulezzz 01 Rulezzz 01
:viannen_30: Viannen 30 Viannen 30
:shablon_02: Shablon 02 Shablon 02
:yu: Yu Yu
:tatice_02: Tatice 02 Tatice 02
:viannen_51: Viannen 51 Viannen 51
:fuk: Fuk Fuk
:polling: Polling Polling
:slow: Slow Slow
:Alex_02: Alex 02 Alex 02
:kez_14: Kez 14 Kez 14
:pioneer: Pioneer Pioneer
:bye: Bye Bye
:exaide_1: Exaide 1 Exaide 1
:lex_01: Lex 01 Lex 01
:diablo2: Diablo Diablo
:girl_hide: Girl Hide Girl Hide
:drink2_mini: Drink2 Mini Drink2 Mini
:mr47_06: Mr47 06 Mr47 06
:viannen_19: Viannen 19 Viannen 19
:fans: Fans Fans
:laugh3: Laugh3 Laugh3
:yahoo_mini: Yahoo Mini Yahoo Mini
:mda: Mda Mda
:man_in_love: Man In Love Man In Love
:viannen_73: Viannen 73 Viannen 73
:kez_03: Kez 03 Kez 03
:morpheus: Morpheus Morpheus
:sorry: Sorry Sorry
:beee: Beee Beee
:drag_03: Drag 03 Drag 03
:Koshechka_05: Koshechka 05 Koshechka 05
:superman: Superman Superman
:friends: Friends Friends
:blush_mini: Blush Mini Blush Mini
:Mauridia_06: Mauridia 06 Mauridia 06
:viannen_08: Viannen 08 Viannen 08
:umnik: Umnik Umnik
:hysteric: Hysteric Hysteric
:sad_mini2: Sad Mini2 Sad Mini2
:scooby_02: Scooby 02 Scooby 02
:viannen_40: Viannen 40 Viannen 40
:elf: Elf Elf
:gamer3: Gamer3 Gamer3
:whatever_01: Whatever 01 Whatever 01
:viannen_61: Viannen 61 Viannen 61
:tomato2: Tomato2 Tomato2
:sclerosis: Sclerosis Sclerosis
:to_pick_ones_nose2: To Pick Ones Nose2 To Pick Ones Nose2
:Archie_07: Archie 07 Archie 07
:KidRock_07: KidRock 07 KidRock 07
:rabbi: Rabbi Rabbi
:diablo: Diablo Diablo
:Hyron_04: Hyron 04 Hyron 04
:lex_11: Lex 11 Lex 11
:parting2: Parting2 Parting2
:swoon: Swoon Swoon
:girl_to_take_umbrag Girl To Take Umbrage2 Girl To Take Umbrage2
:lol_mini2: Lol Mini2 Lol Mini2
:Raziel_01: Raziel 01 Raziel 01
:viannen_29: Viannen 29 Viannen 29
:shablon_01: Shablon 01 Shablon 01
:yess: Yess Yess
:tatice_01: Tatice 01 Tatice 01
:viannen_50: Viannen 50 Viannen 50
:close_tema: Close Tema Close Tema
:pleasantry: Pleasantry Pleasantry
:sarcastic_hand: Sarcastic Hand Sarcastic Hand
:Alex_01: Alex 01 Alex 01
:kez_13: Kez 13 Kez 13
:pig_ball: Pig Ball Pig Ball
:buba_phone: Buba Phone Buba Phone
:Elf-Demon_02: Elf Demon 02 Elf Demon 02
:kuzya_03: Kuzya 03 Kuzya 03
:buba2: Buba Buba
:girl_haha: Girl Haha Girl Haha
:dirol_mini: Dirol Mini Dirol Mini
:mr47_05: Mr47 05 Mr47 05
:viannen_18: Viannen 18 Viannen 18
:dinamo: Dinamo Dinamo
:laugh2: Laugh2 Laugh2
:wink_mini: Wink Mini Wink Mini
:lazy3: Lazy3 Lazy3
:mail1: Mail1 Mail1
:viannen_72: Viannen 72 Viannen 72
:kez_02: Kez 02 Kez 02
:moil: Moil Moil
:snooks: Snooks Snooks
:beach: Beach Beach
:drag_02: Drag 02 Drag 02
:Koshechka_04: Koshechka 04 Koshechka 04
:sun_bespectacled: Sun Bespectacled Sun Bespectacled
:fool: Fool Fool
:blum_mini: Blum Mini Blum Mini
:Mauridia_05: Mauridia 05 Mauridia 05
:viannen_07: Viannen 07 Viannen 07
:to_take_umbrage: To Take Umbrage To Take Umbrage
:hi: Hi Hi
:sad_mini: Sad Mini Sad Mini
:scooby_01: Scooby 01 Scooby 01
:viannen_39: Viannen 39 Viannen 39
:dwarf: Dwarf Dwarf
:gamer2: Gamer2 Gamer2
:weeper_01: Weeper 01 Weeper 01
:viannen_60: Viannen 60 Viannen 60
:tomato: Tomato Tomato
:scare2: Scare2 Scare2
:to_pick_ones_nose: To Pick Ones Nose To Pick Ones Nose
:anna-horosho_01: Anna Horosho 01 Anna Horosho 01
:KidRock_06: KidRock 06 KidRock 06
:pooh_on_ball: Pooh On Ball Pooh On Ball
:declare: Declare Declare
:Hyron_03: Hyron 03 Hyron 03
:lex_10: Lex 10 Lex 10
:parting: Parting Parting
:superstition: Superstition Superstition
:girl_to_take_umbrag Girl To Take Umbrage Girl To Take Umbrage
:lol_mini: Lol Mini Lol Mini
:paschenko_01: Paschenko 01 Paschenko 01
:viannen_28: Viannen 28 Viannen 28
:protest: Protest Protest
:yes3: Yes3 Yes3
:viannen_49: Viannen 49 Viannen 49
:bb2: Bb2 Bb2
:party: Party Party
:sarcastic_blum: Sarcastic Blum Sarcastic Blum
:viannen_82: Viannen 82 Viannen 82
:kez_12: Kez 12 Kez 12
:patsak: Patsak Patsak
:buba: Buba Buba
:Elf-Demon_01: Elf Demon 01 Elf Demon 01
:kuzya_02: Kuzya 02 Kuzya 02
:big_boss2: Big Boss Big Boss
:girl_drink4: Girl Drink4 Girl Drink4
:diablo_mini: Diablo Mini Diablo Mini
:mr47_04: Mr47 04 Mr47 04
:viannen_17: Viannen 17 Viannen 17
:banned: Banned Banned
:laugh1: Laugh1 Laugh1
:wacko_mini2: Wacko Mini2 Wacko Mini2
:stiffler_01: Stiffler 01 Stiffler 01
:lazy2: Lazy2 Lazy2
:locomotive: Locomotive Locomotive
:viannen_71: Viannen 71 Viannen 71
:kez_01: Kez 01 Kez 01
:meowth: Meowth Meowth
:smoke: Smoke Smoke
:bb: Bb Bb
:drag_01: Drag 01 Drag 01
:Koshechka_03: Koshechka 03 Koshechka 03
:snegurochka: Snegurochka Snegurochka
:flirt: Flirt Flirt
:biggrin_mini2: Biggrin Mini2 Biggrin Mini2
:Mauridia_04: Mauridia 04 Mauridia 04
:viannen_06: Viannen 06 Viannen 06
:to_clue: To Clue To Clue
:help: Help Help
:rolleyes_mini: Rolleyes Mini Rolleyes Mini
:Rulezzz_09: Rulezzz 09 Rulezzz 09
:viannen_38: Viannen 38 Viannen 38
:butcher: Butcher Butcher
:gamer1: Gamer1 Gamer1
:tema_01: Tema 01 Tema 01
:viannen_59: Viannen 59 Viannen 59
:spiteful: Spiteful Spiteful
:scare: Scare Scare
:to_become_senile: To Become Senile To Become Senile
:amut_01: Amut 01 Amut 01
:KidRock_05: KidRock 05 KidRock 05
:pooh_lol: Pooh Lol Pooh Lol
:dance4: Dance4 Dance4
:Hyron_02: Hyron 02 Hyron 02
:lex_09: Lex 09 Lex 09
:girl_drink2: Girl Drink2 Girl Drink2
:stop: Stop Stop
:girl_smile: Girl Smile Girl Smile
:laugh_mini2: Laugh Mini2 Laugh Mini2
:nosok_06: Nosok 06 Nosok 06
:viannen_27: Viannen 27 Viannen 27
:phi: Phi Phi
:yes: Yes Yes
:viannen_48: Viannen 48 Viannen 48
:angry2: Angry2 Angry2
:pardon: Pardon Pardon
:sarcastic: Sarcastic Sarcastic
:viannen_81: Viannen 81 Viannen 81
:kez_11: Kez 11 Kez 11
:paint3: Paint3 Paint3
:boredom: Boredom Boredom
:dvgmax_01: Dvgmax 01 Dvgmax 01
:kuzya_01: Kuzya 01 Kuzya 01
:beach2: Beach Beach
:girl_drink3: Girl Drink3 Girl Drink3
:dance_mini: Dance Mini Dance Mini
:mr47_03: Mr47 03 Mr47 03
:viannen_16: Viannen 16 Viannen 16
:aikido: Aikido Aikido
:kiss3: Kiss3 Kiss3
:wacko_mini: Wacko Mini Wacko Mini
:soer_01: Soer 01 Soer 01
:grin: Grin Grin
:hunter: Hunter Hunter
:viannen_70: Viannen 70 Viannen 70
:Jaison_2: Jaison 2 Jaison 2
:mamba: Mamba Mamba
:smile3: Smile3 Smile3
:bad: Bad Bad
:djkot_01: Djkot 01 Djkot 01
:Koshechka_02: Koshechka 02 Koshechka 02
:scout_en: Scout En Scout En
:first_move: First Move First Move
:biggrin_mini: Biggrin Mini Biggrin Mini
:Mauridia_03: Mauridia 03 Mauridia 03
:viannen_05: Viannen 05 Viannen 05
:tongue: Tongue Tongue
:heat: Heat Heat
:rofl_mini: Rofl Mini Rofl Mini
:Rulezzz_08: Rulezzz 08 Rulezzz 08
:viannen_37: Viannen 37 Viannen 37
:assassin: Assassin Assassin
:teddie_04: Teddie 04 Teddie 04
:viannen_58: Viannen 58 Viannen 58
:shok: Shok Shok
:sad: Sad Sad
:telephone: Telephone Telephone
:Alvarin_34: Alvarin 34 Alvarin 34
:KidRock_04: KidRock 04 KidRock 04
:pooh_honey: Pooh Honey Pooh Honey
:dance3: Dance3 Dance3
:Hyron_01: Hyron 01 Hyron 01
:lex_08: Lex 08 Lex 08
:girl_blum2: Girl Blum2 Girl Blum2
:stink: Stink Stink
:girl_sigh: Girl Sigh Girl Sigh
:laugh_mini: Laugh Mini Laugh Mini
:nosok_05: Nosok 05 Nosok 05
:viannen_26: Viannen 26 Viannen 26
:nhl_fight: Nhl Fight Nhl Fight
:wizard: Wizard Wizard
:focus: Focus Focus
:vampire: Vampire Vampire
:ok: Ok Ok
:russian_roulette: Russian Roulette Russian Roulette
:viannen_80: Viannen 80 Viannen 80
:kez_10: Kez 10 Kez 10
:paint2: Paint2 Paint2
:bomb: Bomb Bomb
:drag_10: Drag 10 Drag 10
:koshecka_12: Koshecka 12 Koshecka 12
:angel2: Angel Angel
:girl_drink1: Girl Drink1 Girl Drink1
:crazy_mini: Crazy Mini Crazy Mini
:mr47_02: Mr47 02 Mr47 02
:viannen_15: Viannen 15 Viannen 15
:yes4: Yes4 Yes4
:kiss2: Kiss2 Kiss2
:vava_mini: Vava Mini Vava Mini
:Smayly_3: Smayly 3 Smayly 3
:viannen_47: Viannen 47 Viannen 47
:dntknw: Dntknw Dntknw
:hang3: Hang3 Hang3
:viannen_69: Viannen 69 Viannen 69
:Jaison_1: Jaison 1 Jaison 1
:ded_snegurochka2: Ded Snegurochka2 Ded Snegurochka2
:shout: Shout Shout
:air_kiss: Air Kiss Air Kiss
:ddd_01: Ddd 01 Ddd 01
:Koshechka_01: Koshechka 01 Koshechka 01
:scout: Scout Scout
:feminist_en: Feminist En Feminist En
:beee_mini: Beee Mini Beee Mini
:Mauridia_02: Mauridia 02 Mauridia 02
:viannen_04: Viannen 04 Viannen 04
:threaten: Threaten Threaten
:heart: Heart Heart
:pardon_mini: Pardon Mini Pardon Mini
:Rulezzz_07: Rulezzz 07 Rulezzz 07
:viannen_36: Viannen 36 Viannen 36
:warning2: Warning2 Warning2
:tatice_08: Tatice 08 Tatice 08
:viannen_57: Viannen 57 Viannen 57
:rtfm: Rtfm Rtfm
:resent: Resent Resent
:tease: Tease Tease
:Alvarin_33: Alvarin 33 Alvarin 33
:KidRock_03: KidRock 03 KidRock 03
:pooh_go: Pooh Go Pooh Go
:dance2: Dance2 Dance2
:Gigakach_02: Gigakach 02 Gigakach 02
:lex_07: Lex 07 Lex 07
:nospam: Spam Light En Spam Light En
:girl_sad: Girl Sad Girl Sad
:heart_mini: Heart Mini Heart Mini
:nosok_03: Nosok 03 Nosok 03
:viannen_25: Viannen 25 Viannen 25
:nhl_crach: Nhl Crach Nhl Crach
:wink3: Wink3 Wink3
:drag: Drag Drag
:queen: Queen Queen
:offtopic: Offtopic Offtopic
:preved: Preved Preved
:viannen_79: Viannen 79 Viannen 79
:kez_09: Kez 09 Kez 09
:paint: Paint Paint
:boast: Boast Boast
:drag_09: Drag 09 Drag 09
:Koshechka_11: Koshechka 11 Koshechka 11
:wild: Wild Wild
:girl_devil: Girl Devil Girl Devil
:cray_mini2: Cray Mini2 Cray Mini2
:mr47_01: Mr47 01 Mr47 01
:viannen_14: Viannen 14 Viannen 14
:yes2: Yes2 Yes2
:kiss: Kiss Kiss
:unsure_mini: Unsure Mini Unsure Mini
:Smayly_2: Smayly 2 Smayly 2
:viannen_46: Viannen 46 Viannen 46
:derisive: Derisive Derisive
:hang2: Hang2 Hang2
:viannen_68: Viannen 68 Viannen 68
:ignat_02: Ignat 02 Ignat 02
:ded_snegurochka: Ded Snegurochka Ded Snegurochka
:SHABLON_padonak_06: SHABLON Padonak 06 SHABLON Padonak 06
:aggressive: Aggressive Aggressive
:crigon_04: Crigon 04 Crigon 04
:kirtsun_05: Kirtsun 05 Kirtsun 05
:scenic: Scenic Scenic
:feminist: Feminist Feminist
:angel_mini: Angel Mini Angel Mini
:Mauridia_01: Mauridia 01 Mauridia 01
:viannen_03: Viannen 03 Viannen 03
:this: This This
:good: Good Good
:nea_mini: Nea Mini Nea Mini
:Rulezzz_06: Rulezzz 06 Rulezzz 06
:viannen_35: Viannen 35 Viannen 35
:warning: Warning Warning

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